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for Blindness

Retina South Africa is the only patient group in South Africa dedicated to bringing promising clinical trials and treatments to South Africa. We offer free counselling, education, information and referrals to patients with retinal genetic vision loss and facilitate genetic testing.


How We Can Help

Research progress in genetics, stem cells,  artificial vision and other exciting fields are fulfilling the dream  of treatments for retinal genetic conditions such as Macular Dystrophies, Stargardt Dystrophy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Usher Syndrome and Age Related Macular Degeneration, Retina South Africa is dedicated to ensuring access to this dream for all South Africans.

Help line 0860595959 (SA only) or +27114501181

The Latest News

Picture of Syamcela and Thando 2 participants at the Gqeberha Youth Seminar


Patient Services

Much attention is being focussed on supporting our members. This support includes individual counselling, webinars, specialised WhatsApp groups, mentoring by our youth committee and a Youth seminar in Gqeberha.

Picutre of an Eye in a grey circle with the words AGM Annual General Meeting below


APPS – by Jonathan Abro

Jonathan Abro was the guest speaker at our AGM held on Saturday 14th August. Jonathan discussed his life in IT with RP. A copy of his presentation is available on our Youtube channel https://youtu.be/REOdyXPHXE8.



NAC Attacks Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a condition caused by many different genetic defects. The common thread is that each of the genetic defects kill “rod” photoreceptors in the retina — which make up 95 percent of the retina’s light sensitive cells — leaving the other 5 percent, the “cones,” virtually untouched. Oxidative stress is a promising area of research being investigated to preserve cone vision.

Picture of an eye with a few circles around it


Nanoscope Optogentic Gene Therapy

Nanoscope’s Therapeutics announced in June the results of an Optogenetic Gene Therapy trial to restore meaningful vision in 11 Patients blinded by Retinitis Pigmentosa.



National Management Committee

Retina South Africa is pleased to introduce the newly elected MC:

Chairman: Manny Moodley, Attorney, from Cape Town.
Vice- Chair: Anton van Rooyen [re-elected], Assistive device and technology expert, from Gqeberha.
Treasurer: Jean Bowler [re-elected] professional accountant, Germiston.
Secretary: Claudette Medefindt [re-elected] Patient Counsellor, Benoni.


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