Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. These are all voluntary positions. They are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of Retina South Africa and are eligible for re-election. The EXCO is responsible for the daily administration of the Foundation.
James Cape, National Chairman.

James Cape, National Chairman

James has just retired from a long and successful career in banking, which allows him more time to the running of the Foundation. His sound attention to good governance has ensured that the Foundation is always on firm ground.  James has Cone Rod Dystrophy and is an eloquent advocate and user of assistive devices and programs.

Anton Van Rooyen , Vice Chair.

Anton Van Rooyen Vice  Chair

Anton is an expert in the field of assistive devices and programmes for Low Vision patients.  Anton is an accomplished musician and trains low vision patients in the use of  computers and assistive devices. Anton has Stargardt Disease.

Claudette Medefindt, National Secretary and Head of Science.

Claudette Medefindt, National Secretary and Head of Science

Claudette has been involved with the Retina Patient   Movement since 1980. She heads the patient support division and is a trained peer counsellor.  She lectures on IRD extensively and is the Deputy President of Retina International. Claudette has Dominant RP.

Jean Bowler, National Treasurer.

Jean Bowler, National Treasurer

Jean has been involved with the Foundation since it’s inception.  Her fiscal control is total and this has ensured sound financial management over the past 36 years. Neither Jean or her family have IRD and her contribution to furthering the aims of the Foundation mark her as a very special person.

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