Circle Of Light

This is a registered competition raising funds to bring clinical trials to treat retinal blindness to South Africa.

International trials are restoring vision to hundreds of young people and we really need your help to ensure that our young people are included in these amazing initiatives.

We estimate that there are around 17 000 young South Africans who need your help to fulfil their dream of a sighted future. Please help them by joining our “Circle of Light” and for R250 per ticket per year you stand the chance of winning a monthly cash prize of R500.

Please contact our Head Office for our banking details:
Sharecall number: 0860595959 (SA only)
Telephone: +(27) 114501181

This project is registered with the National Lotteries Board Scheme No 00187-18

Invest in a miracle and make our young people’s dream of a sighted future come true.

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