Gabriella Amorim 

Gabi was diagnosed with some sort of retinal disease when she was 7 years old.

Gabriella Amorim

Unfortunately after numerous genetic tests her exact genetic mutation in her DNA that has caused her vision loss is still unknown. She lost her sight very quickly and by the age of 11 was basically blind.

Gabriella is a very strong girl who has never stopped trying to do everything a sighted person does. She is currently doing archery at her school and has attempted horse riding, ice skating, acro branching and is excelling in both guitar and drums. We are all very excited by the advances that researchers around the world are making in understanding these diseases and trying to find cures.

Her parents Ana and Carlo are tireless in their quest to find a solution for Gabi’s blindness, as well as for other children affected by retinal vision loss. They are themselves an inspiration to all of us.

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