Gavin Kilpatrick 

Gavin Kilpatrick. Is 35 years of age, and lives in Cape Town. He was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease (a form of macular degeneration) at a young age.

Gavin Kilpatrick

He has been eagerly involved in sport all his life and participated in numerous activities including volley ball, golf, cricket and has even ridden a motocross (dirt) bike.

Sport participation has been an integral part of his life and social development and a tool to inspire many able bodied individuals. His most memorable achievement by far was winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games as a tandem cyclist with Michael Thomson. This was a truly life changing experience which taught him patience and most importantly to never give up, no matter what circumstances present themselves.

He has also represented South Africa as a rower and won a bronze medal at international level. He completed an honours degree in Sports Management at the University of Johannesburg.
His focus has changed and he has moved into the corporate world where he is currently employed as a claims administrator in corporate insurance in Cape Town.

“ Life is a journey, so plan the route but remember that there may be interesting destinations to be discovered along the way.”

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